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Length 10.5 miles
Time 3 hours
Total Climb 1850 feet
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Redwood Regional Park

One of the most well-known rides of the East Bay. It's all fire roads, although Joaquin Miller Park is right across the road from the trailhead and a few quick miles of singletrack in that park can easily be added to this loop to satiate any singletrack hunger. Still, parts of the fire roads in Redwood Regional are rocky and uneven enough to provide a little additional dose of fun to those seeking it.

The bike-legal trails in this park constitute one major loop, and that's about it. There isn't too much room for variation. This ride is that loop.

The ride is a little on the short side and doesn't present any big technical challenges, so it might be a suitable option for riders newly advancing in mountain biking. There is only one stretch (which is clearly noticeable in the ride's elevation profile) that contains a couple of steeply descending sections and a sharp downhill curve, but that's about it.

In terms of physical challenge, the ride (in the counter-clockwise direction, as reflected here) involves one half-mile killer climb and plenty of other very short bursts of climbing, but is not an overly challenging ride physically.

The route alternates between nicely tree-covered and open. One creek-side section is particularly dense and cozy (the "dimple" noticeable near the southeastern end of the route plot). You'll encounter plenty of people hiking and walking dogs; it's a popular park. So, don't plan to break any speed records.

The suggested parking area I've linked to on the left could not be considered one of the more popular trailheads for this ride, but I prefer it anyway, partially for that very reason (i.e., it's easier to find a spot even on crowded days) and partially because it provides the possibility of adding a second quick loop in Joaquin Miller Park right across the street after returning to your car (or before setting out). Of course, the JMP loop could be added to this ride regardless of where you've parked, but being able to do it at the very end of the main ride gives you an opportunity to make that decision once you see how tired you are after having completed all of the main ride.

One other thing I should point out is that the parking spot I'm pointing out on this page actually has a sign that says "Roberts Regional Park" at its entrance. Don't let that confuse you. That is the name of a small slice of park adjacent to this parking lot and, while this ride technically starts from Roberts Regional Park, the vast majority of the ride does indeed take place in Redwood Regional Park after you quickly pass through the Roberts Regional Park boundaries.

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